Dru’s Testimonial – I’m happy to announce my new resource, referral links and testimonial page! You can view my best clients and their business websites. If you are looking to improve your visibility for your business, let us create your Facebook Cover Banner and Facebook Posts to grow your email list and buildup your potential clients so they can order your products and services online.

You can contact us and I promise to get back to you within 24 hours! – Dru Weems – Albuquerque, New Mexico – Dru’s Favorites

Dru Weems, Dru's Favorites
Dru Weems, Social Media & DruBees Mobile Marketing is now my friend! Dru has supported my team and went beyond my expectations. She is knowledgeable and patient for all those little questions that I would be afraid to ask normally. The contest she designed for me brought in a ton of leads. I totally recommend her to YOU! Reach out to Dru and see what she can do for your business today. Cheers! – Susanne Charlton – Delta, British Columbia
I met Dru through Facebook and I have to say she is a gem. She designed my Facebook business cover page for my Jeunesse business. She was so professional and helpful and I highly recommend her if you are looking for any landing pages or capture pages contact Dru for a your social media needs. You will love what she can do for you. Cheers! Monique Avery – Tsawwassen, BC, Canada

I was lucky to be introduced to Dru when I first started in my Jeunesse Global business. At this time I wanted to have a presence on Facebook but had no idea how to get started or what I needed to include. Dru provided a wealth of information as well as great advice. Together we worked to produce a great page. She was always patient with my “can you add one more thing” or “can we change this video for that one”. I would recommend Dru to anyone wanting a very professional landing page! Thanks Dru! – AJ Ryan – Delta British, Columbia
Dru Weems is an awesome social media and marketing wiz! Both dependable and professional, Dru designed me a beautiful landing page with everything I needed. She is easy to talk to, understanding exactly what I needed. Going above and beyond she then made more suggestions for sharing and marketing. And she has kept everything up and running smoothly. Thank you again Dru! – Cheryl Relf – Victoria, British Columbia
“I was blessed to have met Dru Weems at Sagebrush Community Church, which is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico! We have become great friends over the years and we both share the love of helping people! She has a gift of helping people become successful in their businesses and leveraging today’s technology to make that happen! I recently started my own business in August 2015 and I can’t thank Dru enough for all the hard work that she did for me to help me more efficiently market & promote my business! I learned so much from her and together we created a great Jamberry Facebook Landing Page (simple link) that I can easily share with my potential clients to go look at, especially on their mobile devices (cell phones). I would highly recommend Dru to all business owner’s, even if you already have a business website or Facebook page, she can work with you to design and create a world-class Facebook Landing Page that not only markets your product to the world, but also promotes your business in our world where social media is prominent in order to be recognized and competitive! Dru is a happy person, easy to talk to you, and is trustworthy and reliable! She will give you exactly what you need for your own business needs. She went above and beyond and provided me with numerous social media options, which was extremely helpful! In the end, she ensured that I was happy with the end results and if anything needed to be modified she was very responsive! Thank you again, Dru!” – Happy Customer, – Esther Ferguson – Albuquerque, New Mexico
Love, love, love the new app on my Facebook page! Dru is super easy to work with and put my new app together so quickly and professionally. She has great ideas and knows how to implement them. Thanks Dru! – Ellen Stillman Thomas – Stuttgart, Germany
Ellen Stillman Thomas, Ellen Stillman Thomas
I recently solicited Dru’s help to create a Facebook Landing Page for my business. Her knowledge and expertise were invaluable during the design process. Dru was able to translate my ideas and vision into a finished product that accurately represents me and my business. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a true professional. You won’t be disappointed.” – Mary Yamin-Garone – Niskayuna, New York – The Y’s One Writing
Mary Yamin-Garone, The Y’s One Writing
I was amazed when I won a Capture Page & Mobile Optimization from a contest I entered on Social Media & Drubees Mobile Marketing Facebook page! This is something I desperately needed for my company Respiratory & Sleep Solutions LLC to push it forward in the marketing world. Dru Weems contacted me & then we spoke on the phone at length. She is very friendly, knowledgeable in her field of expertise, efficient and patient. We chatted through Facebook several times as she put the final touches on the capture page & cover for my Facebook business page. She wanted everything “just right” and did it all so fast! I am VERY non techy and she helped to teach me as well! I would highly recommend her for anyone’s business with these services she offers. I have to say, I think she is quite amazing with all she does to help people with their business. Thank you Dru! I so very much appreciate what you have done for my company!! – Danielle Vulpis – Missoula, Montana​ – Respiratory & Sleep Solutions
I had the incredible opportunity to win a contest offered by Dru Weems, and she designed the most amazing and powerful Landing Page ever! She was a joy to work with, very professional, and the page is incredible. I highly recommend Dru if you’re in the market for Facebook help, including very creative covers, artistic pages and assistance”. – Tina Ashburn – Phoenix, AZ – Basket Express
Tina Ashbur, Basket Express
Hello everyone! I met Dru online. She and I have spoken by phone a couple of times to go over a few things and find out what one another does and what our goals are here online. She is very easy to talk to and I wished she lived closer. I have so many visions and things I want to do with my group, “Women Unite”. I also sell Avon and feel blessed to know that there are so many others out there who support my vision. What makes Dru so special is she gives you above and beyond what you ask for. I asked for a page that people could easily connect to my online store and she gave me a Facebook shopping page that links to your favorite items with Avon. She then created an app that customers can download onto their mobile devices, it’s just amazing! My family uses it and a few people from my group. I am still growing and get frustrated sometimes when I don’t make a sale, but Dru is always there motivating me with emails and other forms of encourgement. She also created a package deal that has united us together for all to utilize, that I did not expect! Why me all the way from Massachusetts and her all the way from New Mexico? Thank you Dru for believing in me/in us/in our virtual team. Lydia Graham – Upton, Massachusetts – Shop Avon with the Grahamgal